In the learning area of English NFPS students learn to appreciate, use and enjoy our language and to develop a sense of its richness and power. Grades Prep to Six explore and examine Literature at an age-appropriate level, as well as learning the fundamentals of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Every class has a timetabled Library session once a week and the Library is also open at lunchtimes for greater student access. We use both our multi-media laboratory and banks of classroom computers to ensure that our students develop both digital and traditional literacies. 
North Fitzroy Primary School values and prioritises English through many special events and activities. A lunchtime Writers’ Club is provided for those students who love to write stories. Our annual Story and Poetry writing competitions recognise excellence in Writing from within our student population. Students may also choose to participate in the ICAS English and Writing competitions. Our many Book Week activities encourage a love of language and reading, for example, we hold Spelling Bees for each grade level to encourage excellence in Spelling.

Each year senior students are invited to participate in The Tournament of the Minds where a Language Literature or Social Science Challenge is offered for students who can use language powerfully and effectively. All our students are encouraged to participate in both the annual Premier’s Reading Challenge and the MS Read-a-thon.