Level 1 & 2 (Grade 1 and 2)

photo4-waxvd8In these early years we introduce ideas of community, self, family and friendship in our rich learning projects. In Grade 1 the Project culminates in a slideshow that utilizes Google based technology and incorporates creative art work as well as self reflective writing. We use digital technology in the classroom as a means of engaging students in creative learning and consolidating activities. Digital tools such as handheld devices, interactive whiteboards and Macbook computers provide an effective route towards student engagement that is characterized by self-motivation. Students thrive on being creative and presenting their work in different ways and our digital platform provides the opportunities to do that. Our levels are able to present work online in class blogs, which involve participating in an online community where we are able to collaborate, observe, reflect and receive feedback on the work we do. Specialist sessions in Art, Music, Performing Arts, Italian and Physical Education enrich the program and Math and English are increasingly personalized to suit the needs of all students. Science is also a focus.

At North Fitzroy Primary School we understand that as well as teaching students the essential academic curriculum we must also help our students to develop strong Interpersonal Skills so that they can all develop effective social relationships with a wide range of people. We explicitly teach these skills in the classroom. We are dedicated to dealing positively with matters that arise in both the classroom and playground and not tolerate behaviour that is not in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

Working cooperatively as part of a team and relating well to others requires individuals to be empathetic, and to be able to deal effectively with their own emotions and inner moods. It also requires them to be aware of the social conventions and responsibilities that underpin the formation of effective relationships. All social relationships have the potential to create conflict. We assist students to develop the skills and strategies to manage and resolve conflict in a sensible, fair and effective manner. Adults at the school will reinforce this learning by providing positive role models. Interactions with students are positive, fair, respectful and friendly are supported by a classroom culture that is open, honest and accepting. We are committed to ensuring that these Interpersonal Skills are taught and discussed regularly in our classrooms and that all students have a successful, happy and healthy year in Grades 1 and 2. It is important that the classroom teacher is the first port of call if parents have concerns or issues; together teachers and parents can help all students to learn, be confident, resilient and happy.

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