At N.F.P.S. our Italian program runs for 1hr per week for all students in P-6. Within that session we deliver a concise, realistic and practical language program aimed at teaching students basic communicative language and knowledge of the Italian culture using ICT and fun interactive activities. Students in Prep are introduced to many concepts such as counting 1-20 in Italian, learning the colours, basic greetings, the shape of Italy, the flag of Italy, Arlecchino, learning about special celebrations in Italy and songs. Students in Year 1 – 6 are exposed to Italian language activities that extend their understanding and promote confidence.

Each term a new topic is explored. Students are expected to use language introduced in role-plays, monologues, tongue twisters and poems in assessment activities. Italian EYT  (Extend Your Talents Program) is offered to students especially skilled in Italian. This program offers students in Year 5/6 an additional hour of Italian for a term. The Italian focus for this hour may be cultural or linguistic. At N.F.P.S. we also encourage students to take part in the popular Italian Club one lunchtime a week. Students are taught Italian games, dances, songs and card games during this time.

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