Early numeracy is taught in Prep and Grade 1 using concrete materials and hand held devices to support the development of a sound conceptual mathematical basis. In order to provide an engaging Maths curriculum across the school, iPod touches and online interactive Maths games are used to teach Mathematics P-6, and Maths is also integrated across the school into rich learning projects, which incorporate the Interdisciplinary Strand of the VELS. Online gaming is being used in the Middle Years as well. We have a differentiated Maths curriculum in Years 2-6. Teams of teachers explicitly teach Number in “targeted teaching” groups to cater for a wide range of abilities. Applied number is taught through open-ended problem based activities in mixed ability classrooms.

The school’s timetable places priority on each professional learning team being able to conduct Maths sessions at the same time across the week as well as them been given a shared time to meet to discuss student progress and plan for future learning. A gifted and talented program in Mathematics is conducted at various levels across the school, and support programs are implemented as required.

Mathematics continues to be celebrated at North Fitzroy through our Maths Club, Maths Games Day, Classroom Blogs, participation in the Maths Talent Quest and Parent Information sessions. ICT is used to connect students with the global world through Mathletics homework.