The music program at North Fitzroy Primary School is an incredibly rich, exciting and stimulating program that embraces composition, creativity, participation technology and fun. The main emphasis behind almost all our work is to empower the students with a sense of belief that their compositions are worthwhile. Kids are composers. If our music department can get them believing this it will create a lifelong love of music in children. They will become participants and creators. Every child gets to participate in a generalist music class once a week.

We try to cover a huge range of concepts and presentation styles to allow for as many different learning styles as possible. These include sound sculptures, movie soundtracks, abstract compositions, loops based composition, recording techniques, traditional notation, rap and hip hop and rock music as well as the basics; pitch, rhythm texture and melody. Almost every class starts with a listening session where the children listen to a variety of music and are encouraged to make critical comments regarding composition.

Students who learn an instrument outside school hours have the opportunity of playing in a more formal ensemble environment in addition to the classroom program.

Class Blog:

NFPS ROCK BAND from North Fitzroy Primary School on Vimeo.