Opportunities & Programs

Co-curricular Opportunities & Programs

At NFPS we run an extensive Co-curricular program to enrich and complement the classroom program and enhance the delivery of a broad curriculum that caters to individual strengths and interests.

Gifted and Talented Programs

Our significant number of talented students are catered for through a variety of extension programs and clubs, including Philosophy, Shakespeare Club, Maths Extension, Choir, and Chess.

The Extend Your Talents Program, a program to extend gifted and talented students in areas across the curriculum, is offered in Years Five and Six, in areas as diverse as Portraiture, Film making and Highly skilled sport.


Ensembles complement the classroom Music program.  They run by invitation from Grades 3 to 6 and give students who learn musical instruments outside school an opportunity to develop “ensemble” skills by playing with others.  They range from String Ensemble to Rock Ensemble, depending on the particular talents of students across each year.


These occur at every year level, every term. Along with performance skills, the concerts develop coordination, self-confidence, teamwork and self-assurance.

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When selecting students to participate in the program we look to extend those higher achieving students further in the areas of speaking and listening and critical and creative thinking.

What goes on in a typical session?
It usually begins with a picture story- book, an extract from a story, a fable, proverb or simply a question.

For example…

What does it mean to be happy? What if nothing changed? What is beauty? Is poetry important?

These questions are then discussed and through this discussion the students learn to reason well. They are able to consider their ideas in relation to others in the group. Through thinking, talking, listening and questioning they are encouraged to become thoughtful and articulate.

As well as talking, the students are often invited to respond through drawing and writing. Students are also invited to respond via their personal Blogs in the upper levels.

Interschool Sports

In Term 2 and 4 North Fitzroy Primary School compete in the interschool sports competition against other local schools including Clifton Hill P.S, Carlton North, Spensley Street and Princes Hill.

Winter Sports include soccer, football, tee-ball, basketball and netball. Term 4 sports include, rounders, basketball, cricket, bat tennis and newcomb.


District Sport and Sport Clinics

Students compete in interschool and district sports, including Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country, and undertake special sports clinics, such as Fencing and Lacrosse, throughout the year.