Our Difference

The North Fitzroy Primary School Difference

Education for the Future

At NFPS we provide a rigorous and engaging curriculum, as well as a wide range of co-curricular programs, designed to meet the challenges of the new millennium. We highly value creativity and effective communication skills, especially emphasising staff and student expertise in using the new Information and Communication Technologies. We are recognised within the profession for our innovative ICT and multi-media programs. We nurture our students’ self-confidence and their abilities in higher-order thinking and collective knowledge-building. A sense of energy and vibrancy characterises North Fitzroy Primary School, with students who are engaged and enthusiastic about learning, and teachers who are devoted to, and passionate about, teaching.

Junior School Council

Further leadership opportunities are offered through Junior School Council. The Role of JSC is to meet fortnightly to discuss issues that concern students, present their ideas and views to the school and facilitate communication between students, Principal and staff. JSC also provides representatives to inform the workings of the Canteen, Environment and Outside School Hours Care Sub-Committees of School Council, and organises and conducts various recreational, educational and fundraising activities for students. The membership is one male and female student from each grade, elected in years 2-6. Students in Years Prep and 1 are selected by grade teachers each semester. The Executive of J.S.C is comprised of the elected office bearers, chosen from Grades 5 and 6: the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and Secretary.

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An Orderly and Safe Environment

Respect and care for others, hard work, and civic-minded behavior are the cornerstones of our student Code of Conduct. Our belief that student and staff wellbeing is integral to successful learning is reflected in our whole school emphasis on maintaining an orderly, safe and supportive environment. All our students sign and abide by an agreed school-wide Code of Behaviour. Caught Being Good Awards are given each Monday at Assembly as a reward for random acts of kindness and positive behaviour throughout the school.

Effective Transitions

We have a well-organised and well-run Prep transition program to welcome new families to the school, including a Grade Six “Buddy” for each new Prep student to ensure a smooth transition to Primary School. Students are given the opportunity to nominate a friend to accompany them in their new classes each year, and meet their new teachers at the end of the year prior. Classroom rules are negotiated between students and teachers, within individual classrooms, at the beginning of each new year. Grade Six students have a Graduation Ceremony and Awards Night to mark their exit to Secondary School, featuring a Graduation song and speeches to parents.